Client Review – Miles Tucker Pieta

Once in a while people say the nicest things, this is one of those times.

CID team,
Inspirational. Starting showing the marble Pieta was so great. The story you wove and choreographed. The way Miles approaches the piece within the church. The focusing when showing the nails. Laura’s hand on Mary. The start showing the title. The detail, detailed so well. The tone is so well calm not hyped. The shots of Miles working on it. The “about to hug” Miles at the beginning (before you know the characters). The video focusing. The touching. How well Miles voice works and Father Bill’s complements.

I notice, recognize and appreciate your artistry!

How enthusiastically can one say
Phenomenal – fantastic.

Truly a home run over the Grand Canyon !!!

Randy Brown

Miles Tucker’s Pieta

We’ve been following and capturing footage of Miles Tucker for nearly two years now as he created this masterpiece. Needless to say we are beyond honored that he would come to us to help tell his moving story. Thank you Miles Tucker and Randy Brown for including us in this journey, we are humbled by what you have created and excited to see what the future holds.